Premium Standard Electronic Cricket Scoreboard

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Glass surfaces used as screen for display purposes that need no additional framing and bordering is referred as transparent LED screens. These are transparent as crystal with high and premium picture quality often mounted in shopping plazas, malls, stadium, cinemas etc. It is constructed in such a way that it is suitable for outdoor and wide audience display stages. They are without any fault and are easy to install with less maintenance cost. Irrespective to this, electronic cricket scoreboard is used in stadiums for large scale display of score during the match in a real time manner. These are different from the traditionally used scoreboards but still meet the spirit of the cricket match with its accurate optimization.

Transparent LED screens

The ultra-technology of using transparent LED screens in display and broadcast is very common in today’s world. Great brightness, superior quality picture, low pixel density, outdoor large screen displays and high permeability are some notable features of transparent LED screens. Some of these screens are glued to the back screen while some are mounted on steel complex stands as in case of hoardings near streets and roads. These are best use for every profitable commercial means like for advertisements, marketing, for media telecommunication and in sports events.

Owing to their excellent transparency, these offer a visible range to about 75% to 90% footage display even from far distances. These transparent LED screens are glass structured and are easily watchable both in day and night. These do not impart any negative effect on the viewer’s eyes are safe in use and provide wholesome entertainment on an extra max size screen.

Premium quality electronic cricket scoreboard

One of the most larger than life feature and item in the sports stadium is the presence of electronic cricket scoreboard. These are entirely different in appearance, homology and functioning from the traditionally styles scoreboards. These are not man operated, in contrast, these screen showing score results are managed by the intricate tools of computer. The complexity of electronic cricket scoreboard can be seen in the working principle behind it. The screen is connected and controlled by software which keeps the score updated in real time without being delayed or at fault.

The electronic cricket scoreboard can be referred as wireless controlled high frequency computer controlled LED screen mounted on large steel rod complex assembly. These are not available in local markets and are professional manufactured at international level. These are quite expensive and are purchased by companies later arranging the screen scoreboard in the stadium. The electronic versions of scoreboards are selected based on the manufacturing companies and parametric qualities, usual, dimensions, pixel density and in some cases shape is also required.


Transparent LED screens is used as glass surface that works as LED screen most frequently for advertisement point of view. The electronic cricket scoreboard is the equipment most essential during a match in the stadium. It keeps the spectators aware of the score by the continuous display in fully automatic and computerized approach.