About RIC Compaction

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Basically the RIC compaction is the technique in which different kinds of methods are being used for installing a number of appliances and are construction site with the help of and under the supervision of the commercial construction companies in Melbourne who are working with their structural engineering contractors along with their team of a number of experts. This kind of technique is usually used while building the roads because most of the time when we are thinking about building the roads or with a specific place and then the land over there is not so smooth and plain so in order to make the land plain and appropriate for building the road over there we have to He used this technique of RIC compaction in which technique the get any dealer material and the rocks over the land are broken down into smaller pieces making the lands more than plain for building of the road over there. Are kind of hydraulic camera is being used for this purpose like the hydraulic hammer is being attached to the tractor and the movement of this hammer is being controlled by the person who is sitting in the controlling centre of that truck and this hammer is being moved up and down gradually so that breaking down the small pieces and rocks over there and making the land plain and appropriate for building the road and many other commercial buildings over there as this is not specifically used for building the roads but they are also being used for building a number of commercial buildings over there like those shopping malls the restaurant and many more.

Application of RIC compaction:

  • If you are going to build a house which is only single story house then this will not any need for using the technique of RIC compaction but when the owner of the house is interested in the double two triple story house then there will be need to plain the land because this is so much crucial force tending the high buildings over there and for this purpose a hammer like appliances being used attached to our truck and this hammer is being stuck to the land with a specific frequency which is sufficient for breaking down the rocks over the land and also making the land plane not affecting the depth of the land like this will not be causing the so much compression of the land which will lower down the land.
  • If there are some lose fills in the land and the soil of the specific area then there will not be any need of changing the soil overall but you can use a technique of RIC compaction in order to resolve all the issues regarding the structure of the land and soil depth.
  • If you are interested in DENSIFY the land then you must be using the technique of RIC compaction held by structural engineering contractors working for commercial construction companies.